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The Blog Continues... 30.11.2016
Beach, Rain Forest, Great Barrier Reef, and New Zealand 18.11.2016
Sydney & Melbourne Partying 15.11.2016
Middle East Sojourn 11.11.2016
May the memory of Africa be with you, always 04.11.2016
RHINOS... Skydiving, and the Namib Desert 28.10.2016
Journey of the German Nine Through Africa 18.10.2016
Zambia and Victoria Falls 11.10.2016
Road to Zanzibar and Malawi 09.10.2016
Life, uh, Finds a Way... in the Serengeti 24.09.2016
Relaxing in Scotland with Friends and Video Games 19.09.2016
Lublin and Majdanek Concentration Camp 11.09.2016
Warsaw 10.09.2016
Delving into a Salt Mine, and Schindler's Factory 09.09.2016
Auschwitz Visit 08.09.2016
Krakow Exploration 07.09.2016
Gdansk, Venturing into Poland 06.09.2016
Too much Kaliningrad, not enough Königsberg 05.09.2016
Heading back to Russia 04.09.2016
Kaunas, Užupis and Threats Over Dinner 03.09.2016
Rounding out the Baltic States in Vilnius 02.09.2016
Rundale Palace 01.09.2016
Meandering around Riga 31.08.2016
Road Tripping in Estonia and Latvia 30.08.2016
Tallinn in the Rain 29.08.2016
Touring Estonia 28.08.2016
Travel Day from Hell 27.08.2016
Realxing in Minsk 26.08.2016
Castles of Belarus 25.08.2016
Exploring Minsk 24.08.2016
Time to defect 23.08.2016
From Russia with Love 22.08.2016
Inside the Kremlin 21.08.2016
To Russia I flew... 20.08.2016
Buenos Aires and Uruguay 18.08.2016
What's new, Buenos Aires? 16.08.2016
Asuncion Adventures 15.08.2016
Off to Paraguay 15.08.2016
Andes Mountains... and a date! 14.08.2016
It's delightful, down in Chile 12.08.2016
Iguassu Falls 10.08.2016
Farewell Rio, Hello Argentina 09.08.2016
Aquatics Day in Rio... and TOM DALEY 08.08.2016
Fencing, Table Tennis, and Gymnastics! 07.08.2016
Archery... and a sunburn 06.08.2016
Sugarloaf Mountain, but no sight of Jaws or James Bond 05.08.2016